Dynamic thoughts, statically typed

Conservative libraries with liberal tooling

How to reach more users for Kotlin and Java libraries, yet keep the modern tooling

Nov 03

Introducing Telegram BotKit library

Idiomatic, fluent and type-safe Kotlin bindings for Telegram Bot API

Oct 13

Composite builds with Git submodules

How to share unpublished libraries with Gradle

Aug 31

Pa(r|s)sing time. Part 1

Creating Kotlin Multiplatform library for parsing dates with Parsus

Aug 06

Calendar synesthesia

How do you see time?

Apr 01

Blurred image background

Embedding a BlurHash'ed image into a page

Mar 18

My new tab

A browser tab that works for me

Aug 21

Type watching

How to watch for your types with TypeScript

Apr 04

Welcome forward!

A new blog appears

Apr 01